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How to Train Your Driver

drivingschoolSo the time has roared by, and now your child is begging you for driving lessons. We here at their website have a few tips to help you get started. Hopefully they will help put your future driver behind the wheel and keep them there without having to change wheels too many times along the way!

Make sure that you start off slowly. A large open field is ideal. If not, then moving around your driveway and neighborhood at a snail’s pace are great ways to start. It will help your child build confidence, and give you time to assess what they need to work on most. Pro Tip: spend several minutes drilling your pupil on the difference between the brake and accelerator. It’s second nature to us now, but not to a new driver. A few minutes might save you a few of those confuse-the-brake-with-the-accelerator heart attacks.

Avoid concentrating too much on the mirrors. For basic driving they’re not really needed, and it can be stressful for a young driver to feel like there’s an impatient older driver right behind them. Also, you want to be sure that they don’t become reliant on the mirrors: then you’re just asking for a blind-spot accident. Pro Tip: for new and old drivers alike, try adjusting your left side mirror out until you can only see your car if you lean all the way to the left. The mirror will now point directly at your blind spot, decreasing the likelihood of an accident.

Skip nothing when training a new driver. Your pupil can wait the few extra weeks it takes you to teach the trickier things like parallel parking, two and three-point stops, and passing safely. Besides, if they don’t learn it from you, when are they going to learn it at all?

When it comes to the actual driving test, be thorough. Make sure your new driver studies even the mundane things like street signs and line colors more than seems necessary. A personal vignette: I had been asking questions about road lines and road signs since I was about two years old, but still managed to confuse a “school zone” sign with a “business district” sign. I thought the lunchboxes were suitcases.

Lastly, before the practical test, strongly remind your student that they need to religiously observe the rules of the road. Speed limits that are completely unreasonable and universally ignored will nonetheless be grounds for a failure in the eyes of a state employee. Obey ALL the rules: that’s the main thing the inspector is looking at.

With these few tips from their website your new driver will be driving safely in no time!


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