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How to Teach Your Kids Weapon Safety

When it comes to all the parents out there screaming for children to learn weapon safety it can be easier said than done. It can be hard to figure out the right way to teach your child what to do in the event they come across a gun, knife, or bow. Perhaps there are some parents reading that need to show them the right way because they want to cross that hallowed milestone of giving their child their first hunting or self-defense weapon. Safety is the most important part of weaponry whatever the reason for the lesson may be and it’s important for both parents and children to understand the ins and outs of being careful.


The number one rule for knife safety if it’s found by a child is to not touch it. Tell your child if they find a knife to leave it alone and get an adult. An unfamiliar knife is a dangerous one. They don’t know how sharp it is, what’s on it, what it may have been used for or how it operates. If a child is gifted with a knife, the best way to teach safety is to work with them. For many people automatic knives are a common milestone gift and it’s important for an adult to sit down with the recipient and explain to them how it opens and closes. Once it’s well established how to safely operate it, explain the only acceptable uses for the blade. For example, make sure the child understands that it’s only for things like whittling, cutting rope or whatever other use you’ve authorized it for. Let them know it’s not a toy. It is a dangerous weapon that can hurt someone very badly if abused.


The same rule applies to guns as it does knives: If a strange gun is found, do not touch it. Alert an adult immediately and leave it at that. No child needs to mess with an unfamiliar gun in any circumstance. For parents that have guns in the home or have given their child a hunting rifle or BB gun, it’s imperative to let them know where it is appropriate to have the guns and where it is not. When Mom and Dad have it locked up or hidden, it is for a reason and they are never to touch it. If it’s a gun they’ve been given, shooting lessons at a safe place like a shooting range are a necessity. Children should be familiar with the feel, kickback and weight of their weapon as well as be schooled on what it means to shoot safely.


Bows and arrows are just as dangerous as the rest and much like guns they require safety and shooting lessons in a safe environment. There are many places where archery is a welcome sport to practice. Just as with guns and knives, a child should be taught not to play with weapons and not to touch those they are unfamiliar with. Hunting with bows is a time honored tradition in many families; because it’s so common, safety courses are just as necessary.

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Lyndsi is a freelance writer with a passion for baking and hunting. She and her husband are raising their three boys in Missouri.


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