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How to Take Charge of a Dirty Home

How to Take Charge of a Dirty HomeKeeping your home clean and tidy while working a full time job, taking care of your family, preparing meals, and participating in activities outside of the home, can be really hard to juggle. On those days when you come home from work, throw together a somewhat edible meal for your family, and then herd everyone into the family vehicle to get to one of your children’s sporting events, you realize that your piles of laundry and un-vacuumed floors will just need to wait.

After an entire week of hurrying, you only have time to keep up on the most important tasks. Deep cleaning or power washing anything will have to wait. You realize that you seriously need some help with the cleaning of your home, or else pretty soon your kitchen floor is going to have a game trail from the side door to the fridge.

The answer is simple when you are faced with no time or energy to take care of the cleaning in your home, just call Sweeney Cleaning Company. These professional cleaners know their stuff when it comes to cleaning your home’s grout, cleaning your draperies, and even cleaning your carpets and rugs. All of those surfaces in your home that have become dingy from ground in dirt from days of children’s dirty tennis shoes can be quickly deep cleaned to look new again.

The couch and love seat in your front room used to be nice, new, and pleasant to look at. Now they are stained from spilled sippy cups, gritty from smashed sandwiches, crusty from baby spit up, and dingy from the dog’s feet. They desperately need some help and professional cleaners can deep clean your furniture to remove all traces of children and pets from them.

Homes with heating and cooling systems that run on home air ducts can push additional dust, and allergens into your home’s air. It is a good idea to periodically have your home’s vent and duct system cleaned out by a professional. It is amazing the amount of dirt and dust that travels through your home’s ducts, possibly causing allergy problems, and odors in your home. Sweeney Cleaning Company can also perform a duct work cleaning service. Once your air ducts have been completely cleaned, you will be surprised at how much dust will be eliminated from your home, decreasing the number of times you need to dust your furniture every week.


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