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How to Simplify Your To-Do List

Even if you are an organized person with an efficient to-do list, you can still get overwhelmed by all of the things on that list that you need to accomplish. Daily tasks can be hard to pull off in a limited amount of time, but there are things you can do to make your list work for you instead of against you.

1. Limit the List

You know your limitations and if you understand them, do not place more on your list that you know you can get done. It is better to have a to-do list that reflects the reality of your life. Put six or seven things on your list every day and you will feel more satisfied at the end of the day when you have everything checked off the list.

2. Divide Tasks

Divide the items you have on your list into categories that will help you identify what you need to get done and what you simply would like to have done. As long as you accomplish what you need to get done, you are doing well. If you get to a few of the things you want to do as well, your day is going even better.

3. Move Tasks

If you start one task, but do not finish it, simply move the item to the next day. There is no reason you have to get it all done in one day. Giving yourself a head start on the next day is even a good idea.

4. Delegate

If you have family members that can help with some of your daily tasks, it is a great idea to make sure they take some of your responsibilities on a regular basis. Family can help clean, cook, put away laundry and a number of other things.

5. Plan Breaks

There is no need for you to run through your list full steam all day everyday. Plan for breaks so you can give yourself some much deserved time. Just remember that everything takes time and you need to give yourself time to relax so you don’t overwhelm yourself with the tasks remaining.

Making a to-do list can be helpful for the right person.  By creating a list, it will help you to stay organized and by following these 5 simple steps it will help to balance that list to help you avoid being too stressed or overwhelmed.  Now, go attack that list!

Author bio:  Zita blogs about organization skills. She consults on various ways to keep personal and businesses by supporting the benefits of using various smartpress options in order to organize more efficiently.


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