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How To Maintain Your Teeth

How To Maintain Your TeethContrary to what many people think, teeth do not always fall out due to old age. There are plenty of people in their eighties and beyond that still have a full set of teeth. Maintaining teeth over a lifetime requires a conscious effort to avoid doing certain things. As long as teeth don’t become extremely worn down due to erosion, the only other fear a person should have is gum disease. Gum disease can be very serious, but regular trips to the dentist will be able to diagnose these problems early on.

Avoid Sugar and Acid

Everyone knows that sugar causes tooth decay. A lot of people don’t know that acid damage can be as toxic. Acidic drinks aid in enamel erosion. Enamel is what protects teeth from decay. Drinks with high acidity, such as soda, can cause serious tooth decay. Even diet sodas can be seriously damaging to teeth. It’s important to keep the PH balance in the mouth as nature intended. If you do drink acidic drinks such as coffee and soda, wait at least a half hour before brushing. Be sure to use mouthwash with flourish as well, as this strengthens the enamel.

Brush Regularly, But Softly

Brushing three times a day also goes without saying. There is a catch to brushing, however. Brushing very hard can wear down the enamel on teeth, making them weaker over time. The ideal fix for this is to use a softer toothbrush. It’s also a good idea to brush softly in a circular pattern. Covering all surface area of the teeth is the most important part. It’s also a good idea to use a toothpaste that has fluoride.

Floss Daily

Most people don’t floss, even though flossing only takes about a minute a day. It’s also very inexpensive. Flossing removes particles trapped between the teeth that wear down the root of the tooth. If plaque build up around the base of teeth goes on for too long, gums may start to bleed. Daily flossing should be a ritual included with a brushing routine. It’s not necessary to spend thirty seconds on each space between the teeth. Flossing a few times around each tooth is enough to ensure any trapped food particles are dislodged. Genesis Dental helps its patients with every aspect of tooth maintenance well into old age.


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