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How To Have The Perfect Bonfire

BonfireA bonfire is a rite of passage for many people. It provides an excellent opportunity for friends to engage in conversation, storytelling, music making and general camaraderie. Sharing time with friends and family members around a cozy bonfire is a nice way to escape the hustle and bustle of the fast paced world we live and work in. Building a bonfire is a must do activity for a camping trip. Bonfires are also an excellent idea for an outdoor party. Putting electronic devices away for the evening and simply enjoying the outdoors is a great experience. Watching a bonfire burn has an almost primordial appeal. Creating the perfect bonfire experience is not difficult. It does, however, require a little careful planning and attention to detail.

Time and Place

A bonfire has more appeal certain times of year rather than others. Planning a bonfire party during the middle of summer or the middle of winter is not a really great idea. Planning the party for the fall or the beginning of spring will greatly enhance the chance of success. The other thing to consider guests you would like to include. Everyone’s schedule is different, however, a little planning ahead should allow you to find a time and date that works.

If you live in a rural setting, the chances are that you can host a bonfire party in your backyard. If you live in a town or urban environment, you need to find an alternative venue. Lakes, campsites, parks, and the beach are all possible options. Make sure to check with the authorities in charge of the venue prior to the party. Some locations will require a fire permit. Other locations may not permit bonfires at all. A little research should be able produce a good location.


Make sure you have the wood you need for the bonfire. Some venues may provide the wood but, in many cases, you will have to bring your own. A bonfire requires twigs and small branches to serve as kindling as well as large logs to feed the fire. Bring matches or lighters to start the fire.

Party Supplies

Put together a checklist of party supplies. Some of the essentials include folding chairs, a table, and a few coolers. Hot dogs, chips and treats, marshmallows are traditional bonfire food. Your guests will appreciate napkins, paper plates, cups, and eating utensils as well. A few lights or candles may help to turn it into a more fun environment. Bug spray is always a good idea as well. Be sure to bring extra water, buckets, and tools for extinguishing the fire at the end of the evening.

Stay Warm

Finally, it is important to tell your guests to dress appropriately. A bonfire party in the late fall or early spring can become quite uncomfortable if people don’t bring the proper clothing. Temperatures can quickly drop in the evening and this makes proper clothing a necessity. Make sure to tell your guests to dress in layers. Sweaters are a particularly good idea. This makes it possible to peal a layer off when they are close to the fire and put a layer or two on when are not sitting near the fire.


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