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How To Get Rodents Out Of your Home

How To Get Rodents Out Of your HomeRemoving rodents from inside the home, especially with children or pets, should be performed without poisonous bait. Rodent control in Houston is conducted by trapping and removing rodents who have invaded residential homes, attic, garage, or office locations. Unfortunately, when poison is used, the rodents could die in a hidden area, leaving a bad odor because of its decomposition and maggots.

Outside areas of a building are also inspected to seal entry points or if it is a necessary crawl space, bait stations are used and reinspected. Since there is no one size fits all, rodent removal process, we will create a customized rodent removal plan with each family and individual. Rodents, whether rats or mice, are both unhealthy nuisances. They cause property damage, including fires and they transmit diseases and bacteria through their droppings, saliva, and urination.

Removal of rodent attractions include securing food and do not leave it out on countertops, keep food areas clean, do not leave pet foods lying around, keep trash containers tightly closed, and seal open areas around pipes and vents. Tiny holes are still large enough for rodents to fit through. Simple exterior method can also be employed to ward off possible nesting sites. Keep woodpiles, bushes, trash cans, branches, and discarded items away from the house.

The varying safe rodent traps include the modern “snap trap,” where the snap is encased inside a plastic box. The electronic rodent trap is a battery operated trap which delivers a quick electric shock to the rodent. There are a number of catch and release traps as a Houston rodent control method. Enclosed glue traps are also a successfully popular control method. Preventing and treating infestations requires a multi-approach system that must be initiated as soon as rodent sightings are discovered.

Whatever trapping system is used, traps work best if placed near walls. Use as many that will make you feel safe, because it is better to use more than less. For some of the traps, use food products, which will entice the rodents to enter the traps, such as chocolate, raisins, bacon, and peanut butter. Rodents love sweets like cake crumbs, doughnuts, and they seem to enjoy meats or seafood.

Blocking holes, cracks and crevices can deter rodents from entering a home, especially when it is rodent proof. Caulking alone doesn’t work because rodents can continue to chew through walls, but if you add materials like a heavy wire mesh or aluminum, they are proven rodent resistant materials. Steel wool is also a good material for plugging holes, even though it is a short term method. Metal guards work very well on wires and pipes. However, the most efficient rodent extermination method is the use of a professional Houston rodent control professional.


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