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How to Determine What Size Storage Unit You Need

Self-storage units can be the solution to all of your problems. If you have extra furniture you cannot fit in your home, you want to store away unsightly items you do not use on a regular basis, or you are cleaning out your closets, renting a storage unit gives you a place away from your home to keep all of your belongings safe and secure. But one of the biggest problems that people have when they are searching for a storage unit is choosing which size will fit all of their belongings. You want to find a storage unit that will give you room to fit what you plan on storing now, and what you might need to store in the future. On the other hand, you do not want to choose a very large storage unit that you will never fill because they cost more per month. Here are some tips on how to determine just what size storage unit will be sufficient for you:

The Standard Sized Storage Unit

The most common sized storage unit will measure 5 X 10 feet. This storage unit has an 8-foot high ceiling and offers about 50 square feet of storage space. This is comparable to the size of a larger walk-in closet and will offer the renter enough room to store boxes, a twin mattress, a box spring, the average sized sofa, a chair, and a chest of drawers. The 5 X 10 feet storage unit is recommended to people who want to store items from a studio apartment or who are interested in storing random items that are not extremely large.

A Step Up For More Space

If you want to avoid damaging your breakables because of limited space, you might need to rent a unit that is a bit larger. A 10 X 10 storage unit will offer you a bit more space and gives you about the same amount of space a one car garage would. If you have appliances, you need to store all of your furniture from a one-bedroom apartment, or you have larger items like a moped, this unit may be more appropriate.

For Whole Home Storage

For those of you who are moving into a new home or who are downgrading into a smaller home, you may need a storage unit for whole home storage. Storage units that measure 10 X 15 or 10 X 25 feet may be more appropriate for your needs. The 10 X 15 unit offers 150 square feet of storage space and the larger unit offers 250 square feet of space. It is generally recommended that a two-bedroom sized apartment can fit in a 10 X 15 unit and a 10 X 25 unit can fit a 4-bedroom home or even an average-sized boat.

Now that you can picture how much will fit into each space you are ready to make an informed decision. According to Extra Space Storage – Vancouver WA, the storage unit representatives may be able to help you decide which unit is best for you. Choose a space that offers enough space to add new belongings and also is not too large. When you do this, you can conserve the money you spend and protect your belongings.

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