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How to Become a Lawyer From the Comfort of Your Home

law2Earning a law degree from the comfort of your own home is not easy, but it is entirely possible. Many people may have gotten stuck in dead end jobs because life did not happen the way they thought it would. Distance learning is a viable option for those who want to make a change; it is a chance to have one’s life become better. Finding an online law school in Boston is the first step to starting on a new path to success.

Not all states allow a graduate of an online law school to sit for their bar, because of this research ahead of time is crucial. Different states have different requirements for practicing law. In most cases an online law degree will limit the graduate to working in the state the degree was received for a few years, however once this has been accomplished the graduate can take the bar exams in many other states.

Online law schools offer the convenience of fitting class time to one’s current schedule. Work, kids, and other daily commitments can still be met. Most students applying for law school already have a bachelor’s degree under their belt, however some states only require two years of college work or 60-credits. Again, research is key to successfully attending law school online. Some form of pre-law school is mandatory but this can also be obtained online.

Online law students have the opportunity to sit for the bar after meeting the states minimum hours of study. These hours of study must be from an online program that is registered with the committee. It is important to keep in mind that the committee itself does not go out of its way to register online schools. The school must meet certain standards of education and register with the committee on its own. When researching which law school to attend one must look for registration. Registered online law schools in Boston can be found easily enough.

Depending on the school and the amount of hours per week the course takes to complete an online degree can be expected to take the student three to six years to complete. Enrolled students can obtain a Juris Doctor Degree, also referred to as a JD. This allows the students to practice law. Students can also obtain an Executive Juris Doctor Degree, which is an educational law degree. Which degree to pursue and what school to attend will differ from student-to-student based on the students’ needs and career goals. All the information one might want can found online as well as lists of registered schools.


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