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How Often Should You Clean your Air Filters?

091 TW AirFilterCleaningThere are many factors to think about when you are trying to determine how often you should change or clean your air filters.  Many people neglect their air filters.  They forget about them and ignore them.  So often people will not clean their air filters for months or even years.  This is not good for your health and is not recommended.  Air filters will not work very well if they are not cleaned out often.  They don’t run efficiently or effectively if they are full of dirt.

All Austin air conditioning units will have different air filters.  Some air filters are meant to be cleaned and then reused.  Others are made to be thrown away and then replaced.  So, the first thing to think about when determining how often to clean the air filters is the type of air filter you have.  You will want to research the type of air conditioning unit you have and determine what the recommended cleaning schedule is.  Most air filters will specify on them how often it is recommended to replace or clean them.  It is usually printed right on the air filter itself.

The next thing to consider when determining how often to clean them is by how sensitive you are.  If you have bad allergies or are really sensitive to dust or mold then you will want to clean them more often.  If you have frequent guests who have bad allergies then you should probably make sure and have them cleaned real often.  If you are sensitive then you will probably want to clean it every 30 days.  Otherwise you will probably be ok to clean it every 60-90 days.

Another factor is if you have pets in your home.  Many pets will shed their hair and it ends up being pulled into the air conditioner or the furnace.  This will make your air conditioning unit not work as well.  Or, it may push the pet hair out all over the house.  This is not good for people who have allergies to pets.  It may aggravate their condition.  So, if you have pets, especially ones that shed a lot, you will want to replace it no more than every 30 days.

The frequency of changing your air filter is very different for every house.  It is determined by the above factors.  So, you will need to determine the factors that affect your home and then you can get a cleaning or changing schedule that works for you.  Most homes will likely need to change it every 1 to 3 months.  On average most people will probably change it about every three to four months.  But, those with allergies, pets or other factors will probably change it every month.


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