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Great Ways To Help Increase Your Kids Self Esteem


It seems today that more and more children are struggling with their self esteem. In other words, they are struggling with their self image or self worth. For parents, it is important to reassure their children of their self worth, thereby helping increase their self esteem. However, due to the increase of negative peer pressure and bullying, many parents are struggling to help their child develop self esteem.
It is important that parents and caregivers give positive reinforcement. So many times adults find themselves so eager to make their children behave and do well that they forget to compliment them when they actually do what is requested. If all a child hears is negative comments, he will internalize those comments and usually have a negative view of himself. Therefore it is important to remember to say something positive to children.
It is also important to find out what the child’s interests are. Every child is unique and not every child does particularly well in every subject in school. Struggling in school can bring about negative self esteem in many children. However, understanding the child’s interests and talents can foster positive self esteem, since many people feel a sense of self worth when they can do a particular task well.
Once the caregiver understands their child’s interests, he should foster that interest by finding outlets for the child. For example, if the child is interested in baseball, the caregiver can enroll him in a local team. If the child loves science, the caregiver could let him enroll in the science club at school. Some children, however, may not seem to have an interest in anything. In this case, parents might suggest an activity to see if the child’s interest is peaked. One activity that is helping children to develop self esteem is competitive dance. From ballroom dancing to jazz, there is a dance style for almost everyone. It is great exercise and children are able to compete and feel good about themselves. Best of all, the child is making friends and having fun while learning a whole new skill.
Competitive dance classes are quite common so finding a studio that teaches children is usually not a problem. However, it is easier to find more types of studios teaching different types of dance in bigger cities. For example, if a person lives in North Carolina, he could easily find competitive dance Charlotte than in Reidsville.
Fostering positive self esteem in children is extremely important. The adult world is filled with so many pressures that children need positive self esteem in order to combate those pressures. Competitive dance might be the way for some children to develop and increase their self esteem!


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