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Getting Your AC Ready for Summer

air_conditionerFlorida summers are hot and steamy, making the very thought of life without an air condition unbearable. That alone is reason enough to make sure one’s AC unit is prepped and ready to keep family and friends cool throughout those long, sweltering months. Luckily, making sure one’s AC is ready only takes a little bit of time and a few easy steps. Beyond that, monthly maintenance ensures one can kick back and enjoy those smoldering summer days in the cool comfort of one’s home.

Condensing Unit

A very important step in preparing an AC for the summer is checking the condensing unit. Be sure to clear any debris, grass or vines growing on or around the unit. In addition, remove anything stacked around or on the condensing unit, ensuring nothing blocks the air flow or the AC unit will work overtime. Finally, if one lives in an area with sandy soil, clean the fins off with a water hose. Simply ensure the unit is off and stays off until the condensing unit is completely dry.

Hoses and Drain Pan

A variety of issues can arise with an AC’s hoses, debris, dirt and hard water deposits leading to clogged lines. For this reason, one should check the drip pan and hoses to ensure everything is working properly. Otherwise the AC cannot drain correctly, which can cause of number of problems. Keep in mind, even a kinked hose can lead to mold and mildew growing in the lines, an quick inspection far better than possible health issues and high repair bills.

AC Filter

A crucial part of AC maintenance is replacing the filter on a monthly basis or as often as needed. That being said, when preparing the unit for those sweltering Florida summer months, one should indeed check the filter. If one owns a permanent filter and everything is in good shape, clean and dry as the filter manufacturer instructs. If one prefers disposable filters, toss the old and put in the new, ensuring one’s AC is working at optimal performance. The alternative is dusty air, higher energy costs and unwanted AC repair bills.


The final step to preparing an AC for the long Florida summer is inspecting the ductwork. A lot easier than it sounds, all one needs to do is open up the vents to make sure the ducts are free of debris that may block air flow. Don’t forget to check for mold, mildew or breaks in the ductwork. Once that is clear, simply make sure nothing covers the vents and sit back to enjoy a cool summer despite Florida’s notoriously sweltering hot days.

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