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Garage Door Safety

Garage-Door-SafetyGarages have many uses such as a place to park the car, a storage area, a place where children can play or a place to carry out DIY projects. Given that all members of the family use the garage for one reason or another, it is imperative that it be made safe and secure. In this regard, here are a few garage door safety tips.

  • The control button for the garage door opener should always be kept beyond the reach of children, especially small ones.
  • The children should also not be allowed to play with the remote controls of the garage door.
  • An inspection of the garage door should be carried out every month, where the rollers, springs, cables and pulleys are checked for wear and tear. You should however not try to repair or even adjust any of these parts due to the high tension they operate under, but should instead enlist the services of a trained professional in garage door repair.
  • You should learn to use the emergency release functionality of the garage door by reading the owner’s manual.
  • You should teach your children never to put their fingers in between the sections of the door, or where possible, get a door with special panels that do not pinch.
  • You should regularly test the reversing mechanism of the garage door opener. This is easy to do as you only need to place a wooden board in the path of the garage door. If you notice that, upon touching the board, the door fails to reverse, then it needs to be checked and repaired by a professional repairman.
  • Avoid leaving the garage door open partially, since it is capable of moving downward when activated, and possibly hitting something in its path causing damage or injury.
  • A garage door opener should ideally be equipped with rolling-code technology, so that the access codes are changed each time upon usage in order to prevent the code from being grabbed. However, if it does not, then you should change the factory access codes on both the garage door opener and the remote control. You could also invest in a more recent model with such a feature.
  • Ensure that the garage door opener remains unplugged when you go away on vacation, so that there is no possibility of opening the garage door in your absence.
  • You should avoid leaving the remote control of the garage door opener inside your car when you leave your home, or giving it to a parking attendant. This is because it can be easily stolen, giving the thief easy access to the home. Instead, keep the remote on a key chain and always have it with you.

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