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Five Common Issues When Renting

Especially in the United States, the idea of owning one’s own home is a highly romanticized ideal. Many people believe that home ownership is the pinnacle of success and that everyone should aspire to own their own home. But owning a home can be very expensive and risky. The real estate market is highly volatile and many people who were happy home owners 5 years ago, are now facing the very real prospect of having their credit ruined because they can no longer afford to pay their mortgage payments.

Renting, not surprisingly, is becoming a much more popular option for people of all ages and all walks of life in the United States. When a renter has a problem with his or her house or apartment, he simply calls the landlord to have the problem addressed. Renting is just a safer option, financially. But, that is not to say that renters will not run into potential problems. Here are five common issues that may arise when renting.

Issue 1: A landlord who is not attentive to problems. One of the biggest benefits of renting, as noted above, is that tenants usually are not responsible for making major and expensive repairs to the property they are renting. Instead, the owner must pay to repair his property. Before renting, renters should make sure that their potential landlord is responsible and will address problems quickly. If the air conditioner breaks down in the heat of summer, and the landlord drags his feet about fixing it, the tenant will suffer. Finding landlords through a respected website such as rentler.com is a way to ensure that a landlord takes his position seriously and will be easy to work with.

Issue 2: Tenant needs to break the lease. Another key reason to rent is that it gives tenants more flexibility to move if they need to. If a tenant is offered a dream job in New York, but is renting an apartment in Las Vegas, he should be able to accept the job, and break his lease if he agrees to pay an early termination penalty. Make sure that your lease outlines the provisions for such a scenario.

Issue 3: Renter wants to get a dog. Pets enrich the lives of many people. If you are a renter, and decide that you want to get a new puppy, you will need to get permission from your landlord. If this is something that you think may be in your future, make sure that your lease has a pet provision.

Issue 4: Tenant wants to paint. Make sure that your lease agreement specifies whether you are allowed to paint the walls in your rental.

Issue 5: Security deposit return. When you move out, and leave your rental clean and in good condition, make sure that the lease says you will get your deposit back.


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