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Finding Counseling for your Family

Finding Counseling for your FamilyMaking the decision to seek out counseling for your family is a big one. Therefore, following a few tips around this selection process might come in handy. Below are 3 tips/examples of areas you may want to puruse when making such an important decision. Your decision regarding family counseling will undoubtedly have an impact on your self and your family. Go ahead..take the first step!

1. Keep in mind the best interest of the family as one singular unit.
There are many types of therapy, practitioners, and treatment modalities today. It is helpful if you are specific about what you’d like to do, with whom, and in what sort of process you’d like to be engaged in. Family counseling is very different than individual counseling, for instance. Family counseling involves working as a family and understanding family roles and patterns. There is no one identified patient. The family IS the patient.

2.Pay attention (or don’t) to licenses and titles.
The training of the facilitator, the level of education of the facilitator, the goals of treatment, which would in this case be the goals for the entire family as a unit, and the type of licensure of the practitioner, are all part of a the decision making process when choosing how to proceed with treatment for your family. Licensure means a lot to some people and means little to others. Some practitioners actually prefer to remain unlicensed. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are a sham practitioner. This may simply have more to do with the practitioner’s preference for a less obtrusive presence by licensing boards, managed care/insurance and other regulatory factions. In fact, it may mean this practitioner is willing to charge less of a fee and simply give you a straight forward service rather than spending lots of money and time on making the regulatory agency satisfied.

3. Use the Internet to find resources.
Most therapists, family counselors, and psychologists advertise their services on the internet whether on their own website, as part of advertising on social media, or as part of another’s practice. Use the web to your advantage. Simply type in something like ” Individual Counseling in Kalamazoo” and hit enter. However, if you want to be more specific about what you are looking for you may want to type in something like “Christian Counseling” or ” Feminist Counseling”.

However you find your family counselor, make every effort to stay positive and attempt to focus on your family as one unit. With a good therapist and with the will and the care of those who attend therapy as a family, you may find great rewards in this process of discovery in family counseling.


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