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Finding a Good Realtor

goodrealtorWhen a homeowner finally makes a decision to sell their home or condo, timing is an important factor to consider. And you won’t need a mystic to tell you that even though rates have moved up a bit, it’s still a “buyers market” when it comes to interest rates and terms. The opportunity to sell your home fast, if priced right, couldn’t be better.
Ergo, the only other conundrum left to muse is whether to sell as a FSBO (for sale by owner) or hire a realtor. A FSBO can be cumbersome, frustrating, and if you’re not careful, in terms of legal matters, escrow and title work, and having your patience pushed to the limit; this might not be a good thing.

Realtors, agents, and brokers are professionals; they do this for a living. Selecting a realtor is easy; finding a good realtor will test your perseverance and equanimity. Hopefully the realtor of your choice will have one admirable trait most homesellers will like: they’re persistent, but polite.

Topping your “good realtor” list should be shopping around and planning interviews. You should ask questions as to how long they have been in the area, and how long they have been licensed. You should also inquire about their real estate designations; you know those funny letters on the business card. If you’re not sure what they mean, ask.
Yet, designations do not mean everything. Some men and women realtors have so many on their business cards you can hardly find their name. So don’t make this a priority.
Partnerstrust can be of assistance in matters like this, so keep that in mind.

When conducting your interviews pay attention to your “comfort zone.” Is the realtor friendly? Are they listening to what you’re saying in terms of location, needs, schools, and shopping or are they busy sending a text message to another client? Do you think you can work with this realtor? Does the realtor talk about how many listings they have, how many homes they sell each year, and lay-it-on-thick about what they can do for you better than anyone else? While you will be able to “fire” your realtor who is not doing the job that was promised, you must be careful about “realtor hopping” that will waste your time and ultimate goal of selling your home.

Finally once you have had several interviews and narrowed it down to a few choices, let your thoughts “percolate” for a day or two before making any decision. Also, when you decide, only give the realtor a 90 day listing at most and never an “exclusive right to sell.” This means that even you couldn’t sell your home without their permission.


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