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Finding a Car for Your Teen

Girl friends in carWhen your teen first gets their learners permit and begin driving more, you start to consider finding a car for them to call their own.  When finding a car there are many important things to consider, here are just a few:

  • Reliability.  Probably the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a car for your teen is whether or not it will be dependable in getting them from point a to point b and back again on a regular basis.  There’s nothing worse than owning a car that continually strands your child somewhere meaning that you have to go and get them anyway.  New cars offer reliability because they have fewer miles and fewer problems.  Older cars are often a better investment for a new teen driver but it can be trickier to find one that offers the reliability you need.  When looking at older cars you should consider not only test driving them but also having any car you are seriously considering inspected by a trusted mechanic.  A mechanic can tell you if there are any problems that could be expensive.
  • Insurance.  In addition to purchasing a car for your teen driver, you need to consider the insurance costs as well.  Often adding a car for your teen to your policy will mean this is a third family car.  While adding your teen to your insurance rates may have already raised your premiums, the addition of a third car will most likely make your teen driver the primary driver on at least one car and could increase you insurance rates drastically.  Before signing any final purchase for a vehicle be sure to call and talk to you agent to find out what the expected new insurance costs will be.
  • Loan Payment.  Deciding whether to buy a cheaper used care or a higher quality new car may often depend on whether or not you and your child want to have a car payment.  The best option is of course is to purchase a car with funds you have saved.  For many families this means choosing a much older car of a lesser dollar amount.  If your child has saved enough for a down payment as well as has a job and can afford the monthly payment getting a car loan with you and them listed can be a way of building credit.  Be sure to educate your child on the responsibilities that come with car payments and understanding debt beforehand.

At White Plains Nissan, we can help you find the perfect car for your teen.  We offer not only great new Nissan’s that offer the reliability you’re looking for but also a wide selection of guaranteed used cars that will help you find a more affordable care that has been thoroughly inspected to give you the best value and dependability.  Come check us out for your new car needs.


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