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Dressing Up for Halloween can mean Big Fun for Everyone

halloween-costumes-for-kidsHalloween is not just a holiday for kids.  From young to old, everyone can enjoy the adventure and fun that Halloween parties and dressing up can bring.  Part of the fun of preparing for the holiday is choosing Halloween costumes for your kids as well as yourself.

Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect costume either for yourself or your child:

  • Be creative.  It’s easy to pick a costume off the rack, but remember it’s just as easy for your next door neighbor or child’s best friend to pick that exact same costume.  When you are looking for a fabulous costume for you or your child think outside the box.  Let your kids brainstorm ideas at least a couple of months in advance because most likely they will change their mind at least once before deciding.  When the decision is made begin working on the costume with as much advance timing as possible to make it more enjoyable and less stress than waiting at the last minute.  Even if you child chooses a traditional costume it can be more fun when you make the costume together.
  • Find something current or classic.  It’s easy to learn what the current trends are simply by talking with your kids, or looking at what the newest releases are.  These are easy to turn to costume ideas.  You can’t go wrong letting you child choose a costume that is current.  Classic costumes are always a hit as well.  These classic costumes are great options when you are planning further in advance as well.
  • Don’t go overboard with accessories.  A great costume doesn’t mean you have to go broke buying accessories or components of a costume.  Pick the theme of the costume and only add the essentials.  Too many accessories can actually distract from the costumes effectiveness or appearance.
  • Consider whether you want to match as a group.  One of the most things you need to consider when choosing the right costume is whether you or your child is going to dress as an individual character or part of a group.  For instance, if your child is going with a group of friends and they all decide on one theme then it’s important that all of the costumes coordinate with each other.  It’s a lot of fun to also dress up the entire family as well.  Choose a theme and find costumes that work for each family member in that theme.
  • Consider options to save money.  Finally, when you’re looking for the perfect costumes remember that you don’t have to go broke to have a fabulous one.

Whether you take the entire family and purchase off the rack costumes at your local store or you plan months in advance and create or make each costume individually; the main goal of dressing up for Halloween is to enjoy it and make the holiday a fun event for the whole family.


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