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Downsizing From A Home To An Apartment

apartmentDownsizing from a house to an apartment can be liberating. Unfortunately, it can also accompany a sense of loss. This type of downsize usually means giving up many things in addition to giving up a larger home.

Once it is certain that the down size is inevitable, an apartment home must be located and secured. It is important to know the timing of the move as soon as possible. While the decision making process on the new apartment is ongoing, it is a good time to take stock of personal property in order to decide what to do with it. Personal property should be divided into three categories:

1. Property that will be kept and used in the new home. These items should be left in place for the time being.
2. Property that will be sold, disposed, or given away. The disposition of this property should be handled as quickly as possible.
3. Property that will be kept but has no immediate purpose or need. These possessions can be relocated to a convenient storage unit at a more leisurely pace.

Once a new apartment home has been selected and secured, a storage unit as close as possible to the new home should also be secured. Storage units MA will make it possible to postpone some difficult personal property decisions and prevent disposing of items that may be needed. Settling into a new home will expose purposes for possessions that were originally planned for storage and will also establish the need to store additional items. If it is decided to sell or give away any stored possessions, the property will be nearby.

As possessions are being sorted and packed, items can be made ready for sale. List items for sale as early as possible so prices can be reduced as moving day comes closer. Selling online is lower cost and less work than garage sales or yard sales. If the move is local, all property that is destined for the storage room can be moved before moving day making the actual moving day less strenuous and more manageable.

A new apartment could mean no more lawns to mow, and a community swimming pool. Often, an apartment is closer to work and shopping which means the apartment dweller has more leisure time. For children, apartments often mean more friends and classmates close by.

Moving from a house to an apartment is an unwanted step-down for many people. For others, it is an opportunity to re-invent oneself and discover new activities that are not constrained by the responsibilities of home maintenance. A convenient storage unit safely holding valued possessions nearby will soothe a sense of loss and allow more time to adjust.


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