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Decorating your Home

Decorating your HomeFor many people, the home is a sanctuary from the outside world; a place to retreat to after a long day at the office, or as a place to welcome in family and friends. Furnishing the home with decorations and furniture that reflect an individual’s sense of style may seem daunting. With some creativity and savvy shopping, any home can be transformed into a place that is both restorative and welcoming.

Start by honing in on a central design aesthetic. This is helps create a uniformity throughout the home, making each room flow and coordinate with the next. From contemporary to country, craftsman to French provincial, there are many different styles to choose from. Finding one that is most reflective of a person’s style and tastes will make the decorating process much easier.

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. While this may be true, it is the living room where one goes to relax and get away from it all. Living room furniture that is comfortable, affordable, and stylish may seem like a tall order. Take the time to find just the right pieces and do not settle. When purchasing a sofa, for instance, try it out before making the purchase to see if it suits your comfort needs. If there are children in the home, be especially mindful of the durability of the living room furniture. Selecting living room furniture pieces upholstered in a high quality fabric will stand up best to the test of time.

A color scheme is also helpful when decorating a home. From the bedroom furniture to the hand towels in the guest bathroom, having a coordinated color scheme puts the mind at ease and the home is presented as a cohesive unit. Cool tones like shades of blue and green give a sense of calm and relaxation. Whereas, warm tones like shades of red and brown invigorate and make guests feel welcome.

Incorporate special or important items into the decorating scheme of the home. A family heirloom that has been passed down generation to generation is a great conversational piece when placed on the fireplace mantel. Simply adding snapshots of family and friends throughout the home can add personalization without a big price tag. Integrate vibrant accent pieces or patterns into the home in small doses to add a pop of excitement and interest.
The possibilities for decorating a home are endless. Most importantly, though, is creating a home environment that is comfortable, inviting, restorative, and useful to its owner. Once that is achieved, the house will begin to feel like home.


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