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Decorating A Kids Room

kids roomWhen decorating your child’s room be sure to include matching colors that will not only bring the room to life, but allow for wall decorations. Your child has unique style and taste all their own. They may want a million and one things that you may find difficulty in approving, though nonetheless; working with your child is important. So where to begin?

First you should make sure the colors you are using for the wall are either your child’s favorite color, or will match their favorite color. For example, If your daughter loves pink, but you intend to decorate her bedding and furniture pink, lavender would be a beautiful color to match her princess like arena. As for your son, multiple shades of blue are always recommended. Once you have decided the color for the walls, move on to flooring. Are you going with hardwood floors? carpeting or just an area rug? Children are playful energetic creatures and flooring is essential. Try a flat top rug that covers the entire room then add in colorful and vibrant area rugs. Bedding is always fun to choose. Again, for your daughter, shades of pink, maybe even Zebra stripped to neutralize all that pink. And for your son, blue green orange, whatever color he may like, mix and match.

Once you have the color choice for your wall, a neutral color for the carpet and area rugs, you will need to next decide on the furniture. Your child’s room will not only be their domain of sleep, but play and creativity as well. Including a desk and chair will add to their already stylish look, thanks to you. No matter the style of bed frames (bunk beds, day beds, single or full), a desk will always add to the feel of your child’s room. keep in mind that your child will have friends over and maybe even sleep overs at your approval, day beds and bunk beds would be recommended.

If the closet space is small, add in storage units for their clothes, shoes and places for bins so that it may stay neat and organized. Your child’s room will have that complete look you are looking for and roomy feel your child will love. Now there’s only one thing left- decorations. What’s more satisfying and esteem-able than having your child’s pictures on their wall. Whether it be drawings they created if they are into that or better yet,pictures of them doing activities. There’s nothing better than bringing a family together and showing your child the importance of family than mounting pictures of those activities in their room. The choice of frames is yours. Think of how creative you can be! To find the perfect frame, click here.


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