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Cutting your Monthly Bills

Cutting your Monthly BillsAlthough this might sound a bit nerdy, I love budgeting and trying to save money any way that I can. Thankfully my husband allows me to be in charge of our finances because it gives me great satisfaction to budget, and figure out how we can best put money into our savings account. Since we have been married, so for the past two years, I have successfully saved hundreds of dollars each month and we have a nice cushioned savings account. How you might ask?

First of all, I have created a very detailed budget and stick to it each and every month. I have outlined all of our income, and then written out our expenses. Next, I determined where else we need to spend money every month such as groceries, dates, and miscellaneous expenses. I have given each category a budget and will not spend more than that.

This leaves me with money to put into savings from our income, and then any category where we don’t spend the full amount the different also gets put into savings at the end of the month. Once I have successfully paid off one debt, I use the monthly payments I was spending on that debt to go into another debt. That being said the only debt we have after two years of marriage is my husband’s school loans which we can pay off in full at the end of the year! That is a huge feat, because in order to cut your monthly bills you need to eliminate as much debt as possible. This will allow us to start putting that money towards something much more enjoyable such as a children fund and a downpayment on a house. Another great way to cut your monthly bills is to be careful with your utility usage.

When you are not at home, turn off the heat or AC so it isn’t running all day while you are out at work or wherever you might be. Another thing I have found that helps keep utility bills low is to use fans instead of always blasting the AC. I have fans in every room and it helps to keep them cooler. The same goes for in the winter when I use a space heater. Also instead of paying close to $100 per month for premium TV channels, my husband and I have basic cable, and have Netflix which costs $9 per month!

We are never lacking for TV entertainment. Another monthly bill to look at is insurance. http://www.advancenv.com/ is a great resource for those living in the Las Vegas area to look at to make sure they are getting a great rate on various kinds of insurance. So take some time to re-evaluate your monthly bills and see where you can cut some things in order to save money. You’ll be shocked at how much you can save and still live well and not feel deprived.


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