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Common Parking Lot Costs For Businesses

parking_lotAre you dealing with broken asphalt pieces, cracked sidewalk concrete, and other issues at your business location? Keeping the parking lot looking nice is important to the reputation of your business. The exterior of your business will make an impression on your customers. Failure to upkeep your parking lot and the business itself can result in disgruntled customers and loss of sales.

Daily maintenance should be done to keep the parking lot looking nice. Remove litter that customers leave behind. Sweep the parking lot to remove other debris and leaves. Power wash your parking lot once a week to remove bird feces and other things that can become embedded in the parking lot. You should also use weed killer to destroy any weeds or grass that try to grow in the cement or asphalt.

Search for Grand Rapids parking lot maintenance crews to handle repair jobs to your parking lot. If you have broken concrete and asphalt sections, it pays to hire a professional to repair it. They will also come and paint on your new parking lot lines, making it nicer for the customers to know where they need to park.

Many of the maintenance crews will be able to come and power sweep the parking lot weekly. The power sweeping equipment is a great way to maintain a parking lot as it will remove little pebbles and other things that start to make a parking lot look unkempt.

Neglecting the routine maintenance of a parking lot can end up costing businesses a lot of money. A small crack in the asphalt or a pot hole can easily spread and will destroy your parking lot. With all of the oil and gasoline that drips on the asphalt and the natural elements of sun, rain, and snow, it’s easy for a parking lot to start looking pretty pathetic in a hurry. Routine maintenance will improve the curb appeal for your business, making it easier for the customers to find the business and to shop there.

Seal coating is a great way to protect the parking lot. By doing regular maintenance with seal coating, businesses can increase the lifespan of their parking lot by 10-12 years or longer. This is a great way to keep the parking lot looking fresh. The best advice to follow is to add a new seal coat to your lot every 3 years or so. When you do this, it can help to protect from the natural elements. If your parking lot sees a lot of traffic and a lot of harsh weather, consider doing a new seal coat every other year.

Request an estimate from a local parking lot maintenance crew to find out how much seal coating will cost, and what other options are available to maintain your parking lot.


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