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Combating Teen Obesity as a Family

teen obesityStudies continue to report that each generation is becoming more obese than the last.  As we face a nation of children and teenagers that are piling on the pounds, it’s important to discuss ways that we as individuals as well as families can help our children learn better health habits and combat teen obesity.  Here are just a few suggestions you can follow as a family:

  • Remember as the adults you are examples.  Every generation seems to weigh just a bit more than the last, and without a dramatic change in lifestyle by the current generation it’s not surprising to expect that the next generation will continue to be even more obese.  As the adults in your family, do your children see you being active or sedentary?  Are you more likely to pick up dinner at a fast food drive-thru or plan and cook a healthy meal?  These are important questions to consider when you have children that are beginning to exhibit signs of obesity.  If you want them to be more concerned with their health they need to see you more concerned with yours.
  • Work together as a family to create a healthy eating plan.  One of the most important ways you can change and combat obesity is to create a family healthy eating plan.  This plan should include less processed foods, more well balanced meals, the inclusion of more fruits and vegetables, and if necessary even the addition of dietary supplements and health foods such as  Xango.  These changes will help you to make eating nutritiously a priority for your entire family.
  • Include physical activities as part of family bonding experiences.  Turn off the TV and video games and get your family moving.  Go on family outings that include hiking, biking, walking, or other physical activities.  Adding physical activity to your family outings will help to encourage every member of your family as they become more active on a regular basis.
  • Where necessary seek medical advice and treatment.  There are some conditions that lead to obesity that need to be addressed medically.  Before beginning any new exercise routine it is a good idea to have a complete check-up to ensure that any medical concerns are addressed and considered as part of the healthy choices you are making.

Working together as a family you will have the influence and impact to help change a child’s life now, and it will dramatically impact their future as well.  Whether following a medically advised plan or simply creating a focus on health as a family, you can find ways to change the outlook of every member of the family on how important continued health and wellness are.  With a new attitude about health, eating, and activity you’ll begin to see the battle of obesity being won.


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