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Clothes To Buy For An LDS Mission

Sister missionariesMissions can be rewarding and demanding. Making sure that the clothes worn during the mission call are comfortable and classy is important in order to be well received by the individuals that the missionaries are trying to reach. Male or female missionary needs to be well kept and well groomed in order to put their best foot forward when representing Christ.

When a sister or brother is called up for a mission, they will typically be offered a list of clothing that they should take with them. Many times these lists will also include a number of pictures as examples in order for the sister missionary clothes to look exactly right when they are in the field. May sisters will also suggest taking along enough makeup and personal care products for the 18 months that they will be in the field. Many times there are no available stores in which to buy these products.

Sister missionary clothes typically consist of outfits for four to five days. These will not be form fitting or overly baggy. They will consist of some nice conservatively colored blouses and skirts. The skirts are not to be wrap around skirts and must cover the knee when the sister is sitting. Sister missionary clothes will also include at least two pairs of comfortable shoes that one can walk in for extended periods and a nice pair of dress shoes.

Depending on where the mission time will be served, the sister missionary will also need to have warms gear for the winter months like gloves and scarves. They will also need a dark colored warm coat and some winter boots that can keep the feet warm in colder temperatures. Sister missionary clothes should also include a pair of flip flops, as well as some rugged work clothes that will withstand a beating like jeans.

Some other things that are worth mentioning for the sister missionary clothes purchases include an alarm clock that can wind up or work on batteries, spare batteries, as well as single sized sheets and pillowcases. The sister will also need to remember to bring pajamas, robe as well as slippers for their trip. Remember to pack the toiletries and the towels for bathing purposes. Temple garments will also be needed as well as a backpack and a first aid kit.

The sister missionary will also need to bring a small sewing kit in order to make any needed repairs to their clothes when they begin to wear out. An umbrella is also highly suggested as is a raincoat (which should be a darker color). The sister may also want to include a Bible as well as the letter of instructions for when they depart for their mission with their clothes.


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