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Choices for West Virginia Satellite TV watchers

hgdia2Plenty of choice

Looking for the best WV satellite TV? Look no further because Directv has it all. Spectacular channel choices with over six packages ranging from 145 at the lowest level up to 315 plus premium channels. It is hard to believe that the smallest package has 145 channels, who are you kidding, that is a ton of channels. They have variety so you get to pick what is best for you. They also offer the best customer service in the business!

Excellent customer service always

Find the customer service you deserve if you were the president. No really, everyone gets treat as if they were the best of the best. Nothing less is ever given by Directv. Anytime you need any help just pick up the phone and the cheerful, friendly staff will walk you through whatever you might need. In today’s world companies are starting to catch on to what Direct has been doing for years! Giving the customer the best service in the business, hands down.

The Genie

Not a genie in a bottle but a genie in a television box. This Genie is offering the ability to watch television shows in rooms throughout the house, up to five rooms of service. You can also have the ability to record up to five shows at a time so mom, dad, little brother and grandma all can record shows at the same time, while allowing room for one more, you! There is never a waste, so share and share a like.

NFL Sunday Ticket
Watch a fabulous amount of intricate detail football throughout the season and arm chair coaching is allowed, even track eighteen players at your discretion. Opportunities abound with Directv. Never leave the weekend disappointed because of a lack of football. Always a great position to be in. Have fun with NFL Sunday Ticket, Football fans without it are missing out.

Have it all with Directv

Unlike the other guys Directv allows for each person to have it all. Nothing to lose. It is all an exciting time to be able to share and enjoy. It is the best money has to offer without breaking the bank!


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