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Broken Electronics? Here is what you can do

computer_partsBroken electronics are one of the unhappy side effects of the digital age we live in. If you own anything – from a laptop to a PS3 repair – then chances are you’ve had something go wrong it at least once. Many of us are not at all equipped with the know-how to fix up these gadgets when the fail us, but there are many options available to you before you should consider cutting your losses and buying a replacement model.

Troubleshoot. This is a logical, systematic form of problem solving where the source of the problem is searched for and a solution is presented to make the product or process operational again. Some very gifted people and those with the experience can do this on their own, but for everyone else a troubleshooter is often conveniently installed into our electronics in order to diagnose and fix any problems we might face on the spot.

Go to the manufacturer’s website (i.e. Dell or Apple). If their Frequently Asked Questions doesn’t do the trick, often there is an e-mail address or a phone number provided for you to call in with your problem. Don’t be afraid to test their customer service.

Fix it yourself. This tip can actually be a little risky, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. It’s best to make sure you are familiarized with the technology before using the internet handbook to help yourself out.

Now, I can’t count how many times the internet has saved me when something of mine has decided to take a day off from work. Even if all you want to do is differentiate between whether or not the problem you’re facing is major or minor, it can be a big help. There are plenty of electronics forums filled with people ready and willing to help you out. Helpful hint: do make sure that your question has not been asked before by browsing through the archives or FAQ. They can get a bit touchy when it comes to repeat asks. Additionally, you can request support by e-mailing stores who have interactive websites online.

Ask a friend. Like the internet, a technically suave buddy can save you a lot of trouble before the fact.

Take it in! Most likely, there are repair shops or technicians in your town who make their living by helping out people stuck in a similar conundrum as you.


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