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Avoiding A Speeding Ticket

radarThe cat and mouse game with the law is one that most drivers play. Always in a hurry, many try to speed along to get to their destination faster. However; with new cameras and increased police presence in some areas, it is not only tempting fate but a speeding driver is playing Russian roulette as to whether they will get a ticket or not.

Radar is used to track cars going above the speed limit. Most cops will allow some leeway, due to speedometers variations, however; going even one mile over the limit in some areas will be grounds for a written citation. Radar is used in many methods to detect the speed at which a car is traveling. It can be used from the ground, by way of a gun, or by air in a helicopter to catch the hurried driver. Anyone going over 10 mph is going to be considered excessive speeding and in some areas may have to go to court.

The obvious things, like running a red light, failing to stop at a stop sign and not wearing a seatbelt will get an individual a ticket, but what other things are cops looking for. The driver who obviously is trying to avoid the cop may be the very one that they have their eye on. If a cop pulls up behind, the worst thing a person can do is get out of the way quickly, this will make a person look guilty.

Cops will use a method called pacing to try to catch a driver in a wrong doing. There is a great deal of traffic tickets written every day using the pacing method. Though many people try to beat tickets in the court system, one written by method of pacing is the worst kind to beat. A cop can follow a car as long as they want. They will compare the speedometer to theirs and estimate the driver’s speed. They can issue a situation based on this estimate, as many cops are trained in pacing.

Cops love when people are driving above the speed limit and notice their presence. Many will hit their breaks in an attempt to throw off the radar gun. While this may work in some cases, it can get a cop on the driver’s tail for many miles to come. Some cops, if they feel the driver are doing wrong, will follow them for many miles and catch them in anything to pull them over. A cop has to have a reason to pull over a car, and believe it or not they can find one pretty quickly.

Being on the roads is dangerous enough, but a driver needs to obey the speeding limits. In an accident, even 5 miles over the legal limit can have serious impact on the vehicle and the people inside.


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