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The True Cost of Owning a Dog

After seeing some of my neighbors and relative have to give their dogs away because of lack of funds and care, I found this info graphic very helpful.  Golden Meadows Retriever Reviews.com created this piece to compare the cost of owning a dog to the benefits that come from having a dog.   While emergencies and disasters […]

inspire my life women's conference

How to encourage the men in your life.

Men are expected to do it all and never fail that’s why they could us a little encouragement in life. At Inspire my life, an organization that holds many women’s conferences, has compiled a quick list of ways to encourage the men in your life. 1. Brag about him to your friends and family. 2. […]

bachus and schanker

What can my Living Will do?

Bachus and Schanker, a leading Colorado attorneys at law, have a free downloadable Living Will PDF on their site because they believe that every person has the right to choose how their body is treated even when they can’t make the decision themselves. But what can your living will do? Well, a living will is […]

5 Must Haves for a Realtor

When buying or selling a home the assistance of a realtor ensures that you not only get the best deal, but that you have support as you navigate complicated offers, work through the steps of financing and inspections, and finally as a partner at closing.  When choosing a realtor you want someone: The most important characteristic you want in […]

Basics Of Unclogging A Bathroom Sink

Do you need plumbing help in your house? You might live on your own or you may be the adult in charge. No matter what your circumstance, you need to learn how to unclog a drain, and specifically a sink drain. Learn how to get physical with these methods so that you don’t have to […]

Discover Beautiful Skin

Your skin is an outward reflection of your inner health and beauty.  You can discover healthy beautiful skin by learning few important things about skin care.  Learning how to make healthy lifestyle choices, learning about diet and exercise, using products found at www.nardosnatural.com and following these tips you can discover beautiful skin: Learn about the […]

Finding a Car for Your Teen

When your teen first gets their learners permit and begin driving more, you start to consider finding a car for them to call their own.  When finding a car there are many important things to consider, here are just a few: Reliability.  Probably the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a car for your […]

Starting Your Child off the Right Way with Education

Why is starting education for your children early so important?  Because our children learn so many new things when they are young, it is important to begin exposing them to the ideas of learning as early as possible.  When a child is first born they have to learn and master every new skill they are […]

Oregon Streamline Refinancing

Hassle Free Refinancing For Oregon Home Owners

With all interest rates at historic lows there’s no reason not to consider refinancing options. However, one of the main reasons people don’t refinancing is actually because they remember the hassle and headache it was to get financing in the first place and don’t believe the money is worth all of the paperwork. Thankfully for […]

social security disability, Bachus and Schanker

Who Can File a Social Security Disability Claim?

There are many reasons that someone could file for social security disability, but many people may not know that they qualify. Bachus and Schaner, attorneys at law, understand this and present an in depth look at what it means to qualify when filing a social security disability claim. In order to apply for social security […]