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Amazing Reasons to Get a Massage

Amazing Reasons to Get a MassageThe art of massage techniques, have been practiced for thousands of years and are now becoming widely used by today’s baby boomers. Researchers have proven that only a 10 minute supple rub ,relieves stress, anxiety, and creates a beneficial biological change within the mind and body. Its benefits are being studied as a part of modern and alternative medicine techniques, to treat various medical conditions for reducing pain and muscle tension. In addition to anxiety conditions, further studies have shown that gentle touches are beneficial to treat the following:

o digestive problems
o headaches
o sports injuries and strains
o fibromyalgia and certain nerve pains
o insomnia
o certain joint pains.

The results of a soothing kneading technique, can be as simple as feeling total comfort, feeling good and enjoying a caring environment. Therapists use their hands, fingers, elbows, feet, and forearms, to press, rub, and manipulate a body’s tendons, muscles, skin and ligaments. Methods, range from light to deep pressure techniques, known as “Swedish,” “trigger point,” “sports,”, and “deep tissue” methods.

The Swedish technique is a gentle kneading technique, with pressing circular motions, tapping and vibrating the skin to energize the body. Medical tests have shown that this type of body manipulation, increased white blood cells, decreased stress hormones, and increased oxytocin levels, which is a brain stimulant for coping and caring about our lives. A trigger point method is used to treat tight muscles and tendons that have been overused or need treatment after an injury. Sports massages are used in sports to help prevent injuries. A deep tissue kneading is the slow, deep touch which is targeting the deep layers of muscles and tissues, that need attention from injuries.

Additional unique techniques, include a hot stone, where a therapist places warm stones on pre-designed acupuncture points. Pregnancy techniques can implement a pillow for helping mothers-to-be into a comfortable state of mind by reducing body stress, swelling, and pain. Office employees love the chair techniques, which takes about 15-20 minutes of a person straddling a chair, with their clothes on, with light pressure points on the neck, back, arms, hands, and shoulders. Reflexology methods are popular with people who want to live the organic lifestyle. With this method, a trained therapist used their thumb, hand, and fingers to stimulate areas of the feet, which control different parts of the body.

Therapists are certified and trained through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork organization. There are other qualified associations that help therapists stay honed in their techniques, education, and certifications. Therapists serve as wellness professionals who have learned how to work with muscle and/or tissue injuries, to promote general well-being and healing. This field has also been recognized by health care professionals who have actually written prescriptions, for a person to see a muscle relieving therapist for specific therapy services.


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