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5 Tips for Relocating your Family Smoothly

movingRelocating your family can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when small children are involved. However, if you take your time, ensure you are prepared and organized and talk to your children about the process you will see that the stress will quickly dissipate. Use the following guide to discover 5 tips to make the transition to a new home smooth.

  1. Talk to your children. No matter their age, you will be surprised about what they can actually understand. By talking to them about the new house, what to expect and allowing them to see the location prior to moving can help ease them into the transition. You should try to start talking about the move as soon as possible to give them ample time to prepare.
  2. Get organized. There is sure to be clutter and extra items that you do not want to take to the new house. Now is the time to go through your stuff and get rid of things that you do not need. A good rule of thumb to follow is, if you have not used it for three years, chances are you do not need it. Getting organized will help everyone be more comfortable in the new house, especially if the space is smaller.
  3. Let your kids help you pack their things. Change is difficult, especially for young children. If they can take part in the packing process they will know that their items are safe and how they will get to the new house. Knowing where their items are will help them feel more comfortable with the transition.
  4. Talk up the move. If you tell your children all the fun things they will get to do and see when you move it may help to ease the move. Also, make sure that you follow through with the activities you promise otherwise you may develop trust issues with your children.
  5. Unpack your children’s things first. This will help them be comfortable in the new space if their familiar items are surrounding them.

If you choose to move there are several options that can help save you money for the move. For example, searching for homes in foreclosure or that are in the process of a short sale can help you achieve highly discounted prices. This extra money can help you purchase new items for your new home, or allow you to take time off work to help your child and family settle in and adapt to the new home. If you choose these options you should consider talking with a San Diego short sale specialist, as they will be able to provide support and guidance to ensure that your interests are protected.


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