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5 Must Haves for a Realtor

choosing-a-real-esate-agentWhen buying or selling a home the assistance of a realtor ensures that you not only get the best deal, but that you have support as you navigate complicated offers, work through the steps of financing and inspections, and finally as a partner at closing.  When choosing a realtor you want someone:

  • The most important characteristic you want in a realtor you will work with is one that you feel you can trust.  Your realtor will be taking care of narrowing down home options based on your likes and dislikes you should choose a realtor you feel comfortable with and who you think understands what it is you are looking for in a home.  This trust and understanding is the most important part of choosing a realtor.  It’s important that you can build a good working relationship with your realtor as you will most likely be working them for some length of time.
  • Choose a realtor who has a good understanding of the home market and the current trends of your area.  Understands the buying and selling options means that you realtor is in a better position to guide you in the home buying process.  Your realtor will be able to tell you what to look for when determining value in a specific home.  Your realtor should also be well versed in the entire home buying process including writing offers, counter offers, and in what to do after an offer is accepted.
  • A great realtor knows the area they work in and can direct you to neighborhoods that meet your specifications.  A realtor should know the areas you are looking to move to well enough that they can suggest to which neighborhoods offer addend amenities, which offer higher returns on investments, and even those neighborhoods that you should avoid.  This can be even more important if you are moving to an area a long distance from where you currently live.
  • Find a realtor who you feel really understands your needs.  While it is easy enough to give a list of bedrooms and bathrooms to any realtor and have listings that meet that criteria pulled, it is quite different when you have a realtor that begins to understand your style and preference in homes.  Then a realtor not only helps to pull and initial list based on generic criteria, but they will also further narrow your list based on home style and unique specifications you might have.

An And Opportunities short sale realtor understands your needs and will work with you throughout the home buying or selling process.  They will effectively communicate to you throughout the process the information you need to make important decisions as well as to keep you up to date on the progress.  When you’re looking for a realtor with all of the important must haves, we’ve got you covered.  Let us help you find your new home.


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