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5 Fun Things to do in Springfield, MO

SpringfieldWhile visiting Springfield, MO you will find that there are many fun things to do for the entire family that can be well within your vacation budget. You’ll have no problem keeping yourself or the kids entertained.

The Dickerson Park Zoo offers a great time for everyone. The zoo is filled with exciting animals and some of them you can even feed. The zoo offers a playground area and a cafe that will provide a great lunch. You can also choose to bring a picnic lunch. The giraffe exhibit is excellent and the platform allows you to get up close to them so that you can feed them. The zoo gets better each year.

Ozark Empire Fairgrounds is another great place that Springfield offers. It has everything that the family needs for a great time. There are rides, games, exhibits and shows. Gun shows, tractor pulls and antique car shows can all be enjoyed at Ozark Empire. They also have an excellent selection of great foods.

Visit the Discovery Center of Springfield for a great learning experience. There are many hands on experiences that are great for kids as well as adults. The center offers an insect room, a lab area and also a mock town that children can enjoy. There is nothing in the center that the kids can’t touch with their hands and that makes it a great place for kids.

Pythian Castle is also a great place to visit while in Springfield. This old castle was once owned by the military but today it offers tours. You can take a haunted tour, or enjoy a comedy night at the castle. It also offers murder mysteries as well as holiday events. You will want to check the schedule when you visit Springfield to see what is happening at the castle during your visit. You will find this building historically interesting and fun.

Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden is another fun thing to see while in Springfield. The garden offers everyone to feed the koi and there is a Tea House that will provide the perfect cup of tea. There are several ponds on the grounds as well as canals. A beautiful waterfall as well as other water features makes the garden enjoyable. There are many beautiful plants and gardens that offer a natural beauty. There is also a Zen garden that is wonderful for just sitting and relaxing by. The family will love strolling over the Japanese bridges and all of the easy walking paths that the garden offers. A camera will make this trip memorable for you as there are many great photo opportunities in the garden.

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