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3 Tips for a Great Shave

shavingUse the best shaving soap and shorter strokes for a sublime shave, every day of the workweek. While you might not now love the fact that you must go in clean-shaven each day, you can learn to appreciate it when you have good routine void of cuts and burns. Learn about these three essential ways to start off your day right in the bathroom mirror.

Prepare Your Face

Get better results with a better process. Start by preparing the skin for the harsh edge of the blade. Warm it up before sending it in to the chopping block. Use warm or hot water to soften the hair fibers. This helps while cutting. More brittle fibers tend to catch in the blade. Also, tougher, dryer skin tends to flake into the razor, clogging it up. So simply rinse your face in the shower or sink to begin your shave right.

Then use the best shaving soap to clean out the pores that have been opened by warmth. Bacteria constantly swarming your body can worsen razor burn. Little micro cuts open the skin to germs already present, causing the red bumps called razor burn. So whatever sensitive area you are shaving, whether it is your face or neck or armpits, you had better alleviate anything that can worsen the cuts that tend to come with soft skin.

Love The Shave

Come to the mirror with the best intentions. Keep that razor clean and dry and always in good condition. And keep all of your instruments in their proper places, well maintained to better serve you. If you use a shaving brush, it should be placed with the hairs facing the right direction, rather than shoved into a cup to mold. Chances are that it s expensive, so you should take care of it.

Take your time warming up and then treating your face. Use short strokes for the best resistance. Rinse out the blades often. And always remember to finish off right.

Finish Up With Softness

The best shaving soap in the world is only as good as the time and effort you put into shaving. So give it your full attention, especially around the sensitive areas like under the nose. And after all is said and done, seal up and moisten the skin with a great after-shave. This closes the pores to protect them from dirt and bacteria and grease that accumulates as the day goes on. It also leaves you smelling great and felling refreshed. That tingly feeling is perfect to start off the day with a boom. Get a great shave every day with these three essential tips. Once you work these into your schedule, you’ll never regret that work policy again.


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